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The Eastgate Village Water & Sewer Association was formed in 1978.  The purpose of the association is to provide for maintenance, repair, preservation and operation of all areas of Eastgate Village and to that end and effect to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the residents within the Eastgate area.


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In an effort to have multiple ways to contact our residents regarding news, alerts, announcements, etc. we are requesting email addresses for all accounts in our system.  Please use the contact form below to provide your email address.  Thank you!

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Letter from the President - by Jean Riley

December 08, 2022

This has been an exciting year for Eastgate Village Water and Sewer Association.  We were able to secure two grants to help with the cost of the upgrades to the water system.  The grant total is one million.  The estimate for the water system upgrades is about 1.5 million.  This mean that we can go ahead with the project.  We may not have to get an additional loan as we do have reserve funds that should be able to cover the $500,000.

We received approval from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality for the new well to be installed within the Eastgate II park up near the school and utility opening.  We put the well out for bid.  We did receive a bid and are checking it...

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Spring is Arriving - Time to Check for Leaks Where You Live!

Spring is Arriving - Time to Check for Leaks Where You Live!

March 01, 2023

Welcome to FIX A LEAK WEEK 2023

What should every homeowner know? We think EVERY homeowner should know how to identify and fix water leaks around their homes!

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