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Water & Sewer Concerns - by Brian Palkovich / System Operator

Water System Concerns

Eastgate Village Water and Sewer (EGVW&S) is in need of the assistance and cooperation of all of its residents. EGVW&S has seen a 20% reduction in well production due to years of below average snow fall, below average rainfall, and the loss of some of our shallow wells drying up.  This is a huge concern and may compromise the ability to meet current water demand.  If the current trends continue, we may be at risk of a water shortage.  The system averages about 187,500 gallons per day during non-irrigation months, and during irrigation season the demand increases to upwards of one million gallons per day. 

Watering restrictions are in place to help control water usage and protect our water supply.  Violating these restrictions further compromises our precious resource.  Please follow the watering guidelines.

The EGVW&S Board of Directors is currently working on water system improvements and upgrades to our 45-year-old system including the addition of another deep aquifer well and a new water booster station.

Here are some things I hope you would consider:

  1. Raise the height of your lawn mower deck. It is recommended to leave grass at about 2.5 inches after cutting.  This helps the root system hold moisture.
  2. Mulch your grass. This keeps the nutrients in the lawn to help thicken it and hold moisture.
  3. Try reducing the time in each watering zone. An average popup sprinkler system uses 1000 gallons per hour.  That means every household uses 6000 gallons every other day to water lawns while still watering within the set restrictions.

Wastewater System Concerns

EGVW&S completed a 2.5 million wastewater treatment plant project in 2015. Maintenance costs have greatly increased due to items being flushed that should not be flushed.  The largest contributors are “flushable” wipes, paper towel, and other large paper-based rags.

No wipe is truly flushable, even if the package says flushable.  In addition to clogging pumps, wipes can also block service lines, causing sewer backups for homeowners.  Aside from the mentioned paper products, grease and oil also impact the system negatively.  Grease and oil harden in the pipes and walls of the lift station causing large build up and possible blockage.  The grease needs to be removed from the lift station at a large cost.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation in protecting our water and wastewater systems.