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Letter from the President - by Jean Riley

This has been an exciting year for Eastgate Village Water and Sewer Association.  We were able to secure two grants to help with the cost of the upgrades to the water system.  The grant total is one million.  The estimate for the water system upgrades is about 1.5 million.  This mean that we can go ahead with the project.  We may not have to get an additional loan as we do have reserve funds that should be able to cover the $500,000.

We received approval from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality for the new well to be installed within the Eastgate II park up near the school and utility opening.  We put the well out for bid.  We did receive a bid and are checking it presently.  We will keep you posted on the drilling through the website.  When the drilling is occurring, please keep your children away from the area. 

The consultant is working on the new design for the new pump house and system.  We will use the existing pump house until the new one comes on-line.  We are hoping to have the design completed and approved so we can start construction next spring.

We did raise the rates a small amount to cover the additional cost for utilities for the system (0.25 for sewer and $0.75 for water).  A breakdown of the 2023 rates are below.  The Board members are members of the community and are still trying to keep the rates affordable.

Please check out the website for more information and any notices.

I hope you have a great holiday season.