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Message from the Operators

Greetings Eastgate Water and Sewer Association customers,

We are certainly in the heat of summer, and based on our comparisons from mid-June to mid-July we are experiencing a 20% loss in well production, and we are seeing historic low tank levels.  This is due to several factors, including:

  • Hot, dry weather
  • Lack of precipitation
  • Increased well run times
  • Water level drawdown on our wells
  • And unfortunately, more residents are watering outside of their allotted watering times

Everyone's help and consideration is greatly appreciated, and can make the difference between us over-taxing and damaging a well, and making it through the hot, dry summer we are currently experiencing.  We are thankful to the residents that are adhering to the watering schedules, but in order to discourage watering outside of scheduled watering times we have begun to increase patrolling for watering violations.  We strongly encourage all residents to adhere to the allotted watering times to help us continue to supply potable water to the residents of the subdivision.

In addition to following the watering schedule, there are additional ways to help the subdivision save water:

  • Be mindful of overwatering and yellowing grass
  • Increasing the deck height on your mower and allowing the grass to get longer
  • Adjust sprinkler systems and replace damaged heads to prevent wasteful runoff.

Lastly, Well 8 has been drilled, and a pump is being sized for installation.  The pump will be capable of producing 220 gallons per minute and will certainly be a help once the pump is online.  Unfortunately, there is still much work to be done.  This includes installing the pitless adapter, vault, electrical service, and transmission line to the tank.  Construction will continue to move forward, but likely will not be completed by the end of this current irrigation season.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and consideration.


Best Regards,

Eastgate Water and Sewer Association Operators